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Second in the series comes from DJ/Producer and former record peddler Gon. You  may have come across him on the interweb before when his mighty  ‘Dub vs Dubstep’ mix was doing the rounds. His tunes have been gaining  alot of attention in the last few months resulting in two house tracks coming out on Infrasonics. He’s done a fine job here and I have to give him extra kudos for the strong irish contingent in this mix.

Tell us abit about yourself and how you got into the music and djing ?

I was always into music growing up in Italy, everyone else was obsessed with football but I was into NBA and making mixtapes.  Then I moved to London for a few months in 1999 where I discovered the clubbing scene.  Came to Ireland shortly after that (originally on a 2 week holiday) and I’ve been here ever since!  Started DJing here and making my own tunes and was lucky enough to work for 7 years in Freebird Records which sadly closed down in November last year.

Can tell us a bit about Freebird for anyone who hasn’t visited ?

Freebird is one of the oldest independent record stores in Dublin, open since 1978. It’s still operating on a smaller scale, the shop I worked in has closed but the branch in Wicklow St is still going strong. What I mostly remember is the loony customers that used to come in, if you want to see a cross-section of society, go into a music shop!  Fondest memories are of the endless after-work scratch sessions with Goldy, the live sets from local DJs in the shop and of course the days when all the regular heads would turn up at the same time listening to and discussing the latest arrivals, and creating a great buzz.

Along with the fall in interest in playing vinyl, the internet has played a big part in the demise of record shops. The big online stores and discogs have a large share of the market now and the community and networking that would have been done in your local shop has migrated to forums and blogs. But what aspects do think are lost now that internet cant replace ?

Well obviously, human contact is something that the online shops cannot replace, meeting like minded people, recommendations from the person behind the counter that knows your taste etc. At the same time, some people actually prefer it that way, the freedom of listening to hundreds of tunes online and not having to worry about the shop manager scrutinising your ‘in-store behaviour’. Some record stores can be a daunting place for the uninitiated, lol!

Spatial is putting out your tracks ‘Riddance’ and ‘Chaka Mad’ on Infrasonics soon. Its good to see some good funky coming out of the auld sod. What you think of all the ‘house’ coming out of London at the moment ? Its good to see everything getting mashed up again.

Massive props to Spatial for believing in my tunes, I met him last month for the first time in London, really nice dude. There are so many amazing records coming out of the UK these days and plenty of cross-over sounds. It’s hard to know what to call anything anymore genre-wise but it’s all good music and thanks to the internet, you don’t necessarily have to live in London to be influenced by it (still would love to move there…)

The Rhythm’ has got a good recaction over on carbon logic. It sounds like  Bristol  to me to me for some reason. Can you tell us a bit about whats happening with that track ?

That track was made before I was even fully into the UK scene and it sat on my PC for a couple of years until one day I listened back and it sounded better than I remembered so i mixed it down, mastered it and uploaded it to Soundcloud. Then my friend AK suggested I should enter some of my tracks for the Carbon Logic competition, I did, and that one got picked up for the ‘Grassroots LP’ final 15.  It’s now available digitally in all the usual spots, Boomkat, Beatport, Juno etc.

Who would win in a fight ?  A silverback gorilla riding on the back of a Indian elephant or three one armed baboons on the back of a white rhino.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeit…., you must be smoking some really good stuff over in Galway…

Whats your favorite kind of cheese ?

Pecorino cheese with my aunt’s homemade green tomato jam spread on top, close friends that have tried it can tell you, it’s the dog’s boll*x …

Gon soundcloud / Fast Metabolism blog

ids Podcast 002: Divshare

Darkstar – Dead to me – [2010]
Darkstar – Squeeze my lime – [Hyperdub]
James Blake – Give a man a rod – [Hessle Audio]
Lewis B – Take – [Smokin’ Sessions]
Major Grave – Dilettantism – [Forthcoming Standard]
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice cream – [Punch Drunk]
Jamie Grind – Balloon – [Forthcoming Infrasonics]
Spatial – 100319 – [Dub]
Chesus – Me n you – [Dub]
Gon – Gotta have you – [Forthcoming Standard]
Major Grave – Memories (A-Force Rmx) – [Dub]
Colz – Pleasure control – [Demo]
Major Grave – Lights (Colz Rmx) – [Standard]
Gon – Chaka Mad – [Forthcoming Infrasonics]
Deadboy – If you want me – [Numbers]
Cassius – Feeling 4 u (Dragon Rmx) [Free Download]
Once was nice – What could I do (Wideboys Rmx)  – [Dubz For Klubz]
Tivannagh – Live & learn – [Dub]
Myd – Noria (Dubbel Dutch Rmx) – [Dub]
Monkey Steak – Harlem drift – [Steakhouse]
DVA – Natty – [Hyperdub]
Pier – Six million dollar man – [Dub]
T-woc – The window – [Forthcoming Alphabet Set]
Gon – The rythm – [Forthcoming Carbon Logic]

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