ids:004 / CJ Fitz

We head to the kingdom for ids004. The baton is passed to Kerry selector CJ Fitz. He’s been spinning tech house and techno down in Kerry for over a decade aswell as gigs at Electric Underground, Viva, TEST, Electric City, won IDJ Magazine ‘Mixape of the Month‘ in October ‘07 and is now, slowly but surely trying to introduce dubstep to the natives.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the music and DJ-ing?

I started mixing on my brother’s decks about ten or twelve years ago and I eventually ‘borrowed’ them permanently from him. Then in 2002 I entered at DJ competition in Transmission, Tralee, and ended up winning it. From then on I became a regular spinner there, and that led to gigs in Cork, Dublin and Limerick. At the moment I’m living in Birmingham, studying to become a Sound Engineer, following the Villa all over the country, and struggling to get gigs.

Can you tell us a bit about the buzz below in Kerry and down south for anyone not familiar?

The buzz in Tralee has changed a lot in the last few years. Transmission nights aren’t as regular as they once were, and the sound that has replaced it isn’t really my thing. Transmission influenced me hugely, but now the love for proper house and techno in Tralee is pretty much gone and I’ve often actually got verbal abuse for playing less obvious music. People don’t understand the concept of the warm-up DJ actually having to ‘warm up’; they just want ‘banging tunes from the off.
There are a couple of decent nights in The Osborne pub, which is also in Tralee, but the majority of what in Kerry is cheese, regurgitated anthems, and hard house masquerading as techno.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix?

The mix is pretty much like any of my mixes; regardless of genre, it starts quite deep and just builds and builds. I really like to try and keep a constant flow in my mixes; just keep upping the tempo bit by bit. I spent a lot of time gathering tunes for this mix, so I hope the flow and programming are spots on. The mix was recorded in one take, in my flat in Birmingham, using two 1210’s, an Allen & Heath Xone 42, and a combination of records and Traktor Scratch.

Who would win in a fight?

Six partially blind Macaques one half swinging nunchucks and the other three brandishing lengths of woven pipe VS. four snaggle-toothed wolverines that only have the ability to move forward or backward along the tropic of Capricorn?

Come here, I’m going to Life for the June weekend, and if you can get me a few grams of whatever you were on when you thought up that scenario, then I’d be most grateful!

What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

I’m not really a huge cheese man, so I’d have to say a mild cheddar or mozzarella.

Can I just thank Matt Osborne for the use of his photo – you can find his work here:

ids:004 / CJ Fitz

Lysergene -ʻSub Ritualʼ / AREA
Thesis -ʻProgressoʼ / BASSWEIGHT
DFRNT -ʻDark Jazzʼ / ON THE EDGE
An On Bast -ʻUpon The Dew Dropsʼ Inanna & C Dubs mix / LA FOLIA
K3bee -ʻDark Whisperʼ / DUB CULTURE
Mala -ʻSinnersʼ / RINGO
Furesshu -ʻ1993ʼ / PROJECT SQUARED
Dark Arx -ʻBlood Veinʼ / DARK ARX
Asusu -ʻTogethernessʼ / IMMERSE
Distal -ʻAttempt At Yellowʼ /EMBASSY
Filtercutter -ʻ1upʼ Ramadanman mix / SVATLANA INDUSTRIES
Headhunter & Djunya -ʻEl Presidenteʼ / SUREFIRE SOUND
Instra:mental -ʻVicodinʼ / [NAKEDLUNCH]
Chasing Voices -ʻAcidbathoryʼ /CHASING VOICES
Marcel Dettman -ʻHomeʼ / OSTGUT TON
Furesshu -‘Horizons’ Asusu mix / IMMERSE
Kpk -ʻChill Winstonʼ / DUB:IOUZ
Blawan -ʻFramʼ / HESSLE AUDIO
Aqf -ʻIn The Bull Runʼ / AQF

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